I fell in love with a snowman

Sung by

Mike Hayes!!

Lyrics and Music by Mike Hayes, thanks to a suggestion from Rebecca Humphries
Music recorded by Alan McPike at his Standardstrax Studio, Ayr, Scotland


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The Great Christmas Song

Time for some Christmas sounds. Some bitter-sweet but
happy Christmas music to get the Festive Season started.
A happy-go-lucky, hand-clapping Christmas song for all the family.

I Fell In Love With A Snowgirl,
(Then She Melted In My Arms).


The Kids'll Love It!!

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"Who's Gonna Tweet Me This Christmas?"

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My other Christmas song.
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Mike Hayes is an ex-'pirate' Radio 270 DJ from the '60s. He was in charge of the morning 6 to 9 Mikey Mo Breakfast Show and the prime-time 15.00 to 18.30 afternoon spot alternating weeks with his old Royal Air Force colleague Paul Burnett.

He's been in Amsterdam now for 50 years having left dj'ing behind for a career in IT. Nevertheless, next to computing he found time to sing in a classic rock'n'roll band, do old time British cabaret and appear in movies and a couple of Holland's top soaps.

The first song by Mike to be recorded was one he co-wrote in 1970 with Thijs van Leer,
the leader of the legendary Dutch group, Focus. The song was "Happy Nightmare".
Mike has performed with Focus as guest vocalist.

Mike has appeared in Good Times, Bad Times (RTL-4), Wester Wind (RTL-4), The Enclave (VARA), The Bunker (VARA), Screenplay Interviews (VPRO), Flodder In America and many other movies.

These days Mike spends most of his time painting. See his work at Mikes Gallery.

Snowgirl, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, contact.

See Mike act and hear him sing at: